Health Literacy Europe

Health Literacy Europe

As a recent result to HLCA´s dissemination, communication and public engagement strategy and objectives, the consortium has joined the Health Literacy Europe Network founded by our Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Kristine Sørensen.

Health Literacy Europe is a network for researchers and professionals involved in improving the field of European Health Literacy. The network provides a platform for interaction with colleagues from different parts of Europe and abroad. Health Literacy Europe organises conferences, which gather health literacy experts to share their knowledge and learn from colleagues with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Health Literacy Europe supports other national, regional networks inside and outside Europe to promote health literacy in research, policy and practice.

In times of growing globalisation, the membership and our active participation in the network will sustainably support and increase the internationalisation and connectivity of our scientific research, as it is stated to be one of HLCA`s dissemination objectives and a deliverables described in the project plan. It contributes to enhanced visibility of German research in Europe and beyond. Opportunities herein providing arenas for knowledge exchange, and improving mobility of our young and senior researchers, allowing their introduction to different academic and non-academic settings, as well as future employers, and connecting them with researchers, practitioners and policy makers from various fields and professions. HLCA will get access to infrastructure, international networks, entrepreneurs and contacts which will connect us with people around the world.

Global Health Literacy Academy

The Global Health Literacy Academy is founded by Kristine Sørensen with the aim of developing the potential of people, professionals, organisations, systems, and communities for a health literate society.​

Through capacity building the Global Health Literacy Academy provides knowledge, motivation and competency to act as health literacy leaders and champions in everyday life to improve health and quality of life for all.

As a thought leader Kristine Sørensen is committed to advance the global scale and scope of health literacy. Her educational background is in medicine, public health and global health diplomacy. She has acted as advisor for EU, WHO, ECDC, the European Parliament and Council of Europe. Kristine Sorensen and the colleagues from the HLS-EU European Health Literacy project (2009-2012) received the European Health Award 2012 for their societal impact.

Kristine Sørensen is  the focal point for Health Literacy Europe – a network for advancing European health literacy. She is member of the global advisary boards of the Asian Health Literacy Association (TW), Bridge4Health (CA), Health Literacy for Children and Adolescence (DE) and Health Literacy at the Work Place (DE). She is also appointed for the Board of Commissioners of Kindante (NL) and active member of Rotary International.