Wishes Network

  • WISHES is a professional international network of researchers, teachers, practitioners, policy makers, opinion leaders and other specialists in the areas of health and education. WISHES® is all about sharing knowledge and experience about education, health literacy*, socialization studies, social science more generally and physical activity research.

Bridge for Health

  • Bridge for Health is a local and global network made up of people who are transforming the world, by changing the way we think about health. Bridge for Health is part of a global conversation about how psycho-social, spiritual, economic, political and environmental dimensions are impacting our health. Bridge for Health recognizes that health is not ‘health care’, and health is more than just the absence of illness. Health is a complex, dynamic and holistic concept. It is a fundamental right, and each and everyone of us has a role to play in terms of creating healthy communities. Paola Ardiles founded Bridge for Health in 2013 as volunteer-based local network based in Vancouver to foster  collaboration, knowledge sharing and action to promote citizen engagement in health.

Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA)

  • The Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA) seeks to encourage dialog among researchers, officials, healthcare organizations as well as experts in health and education, corporations and media that can develop better interventions in health education and services.AHLA logo-1AHLA promotes health literacy as an effective way to improve healthcare quality and reducing health disparities between communities, groups and nations. Improving communication between patients, patient organizations, caregivers, health service providers, administrative agencies, policy-makers, and the media can promote health literacy and result in better-coordinated and more efficient health systems that protect people from health risks. Strong partnerships between national health literacy programs allow all stakeholders to benefit from the best ideas in health from around the world. AHLA will support these initiatives and promote health literacy in regional and global forums.