Review: The HLCA-Consortium at the 10th European Public Health Conference

Several researchers from the HLCA consortium attended the 10th European Public Health Conference (EPHC) from 1st – 4th November 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. During the conference, the HLCA members organised several events and presented selected research results.The EHPC conference theme “Sustainable, resilient and healthy communities” brought together representatives from around the world. In addition to presenting its own scientific findings, the HLCA Consortium has organized a pre-conference and various workshops with the Health Promotion Section (HPS) of the European Association for Public Health (EUPHA). Emphasis was put on empirical research results, but also theoretical perspectives and practical effects on research, politics and practice were presented and discussed.

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PUBLICATION: Health literacy – main topic in Bundesgesundheitsblatt, September issue

Health literacy is the main topic in the September issue of the Bundesgesundheitsblatts. The September issue provides an overview of the state of discussion on health literacy and its application in research, prevention and patient care, primarily in German-speaking countries. Unfortunately, articles are only available in German.