Funding Period 2015-2018

During the first three-year funding period, the HLCA consortium will focus on the basic theoretical and conceptual research concerning HL and on application-oriented approaches. It is further planned to perform research activities, which are of great importantance for the development of children´s and adolescent´s health: “Mental Health Literacy” and “eHealth Literacy”. In order to implement this research program, three follwing working blocks are defined, each on them including three smaller subprojects.

Workblock 1
Workblock 2
Workblock 3
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synth hlca

The first workblock on basic research, which will be processed by colleagues from Bielefeld University and the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, consists of the subprojects TeCoMo (“theories, concepts and models”), MoMChild (“Methods of measuring HL of children”) and MOHLAA ( “Measurement of HL among adolescents”). The projects in workblock 2 (Mental Health Literacy) will be conducted from colleagues from Bielefeld University (TEACHER-MHL – “health promotion for children of mentally ill parents”, “Assessment and promotion of teacher-specific mental health literacy”) or as joint projects with the Catholic University of Applied Sciences (Paderborn) (NePP: needs for primary prevention in families with mentally ill parents), and the University of Duisburg-Essen (PROVIDER MHL: “parents suffering from mental disorders and Their unaffected children in municipal Child and Youth Services”).The projects in WB 3 (eHealth Literacy) are performed by the Freiburg University of Education.

The HLCA reserach program is complemented by combining subproject (SyntHLCA), which is planned to synthesize the results of the individual subprojects during the last year of funding. Synthesis will be perfomed including gender and diversity aspects and health economic analysis. It is aimed to develop political and strategic recommendations for further actions regarding health literacy in childhood and adolescence.