Media Protect

MEDIA PROTECT: Systematic Quality Oriented Nationwide Implementation in Kindergartens and Elementary Schools


MEDIA PROTECT addresses the questions of how children can grow up healthily in the digital age and how they can learn to use media opportunities and avoid risks on a long term basis. The project investigates (A) the effectiveness and fidelity of the nationwide implementation of the ‘ECHT DABEI’ prevention program in kindergartens and elementary schools, which was evaluated in the first funding period. For this purpose, organizational structures, a quality system and a comprehensive quality monitoring and improvement system are being developed. In addition, (B) the intervention will be adapted to families with special needs (e.g. single parents, families with a migration background).


Project Background

The intervention MEDIA PROTECT (renamed to ‚ECHT DABEI – gesund groß werden im digitalen Zeitalter/ REALLY PRESENT – healthy growing up in the digital age‘, more information at: is a setting oriented prevention program which creates screen media-sensitive environments in kindergartens and elementary schools, by educating teachers and parents in digital media literacy. In the first funding period (2015-2018) we evaluated the brief intervention ECHT DABEI. In the second funding period of the research project MEDIA PROTECT we aim (A) to support the nationwide implementation of the preventive intervention ECHT DABEI in kindergartens and elementary schools and (B) to adapt the intervention to families with special needs (e.g. single parents, families with a migration background).

To achieve high quality and reliable service delivery, in a participatory process we will develop an organizational structure and quality system, as well as a comprehensive quality monitoring and improvement system, which is in line with the context, structure, process, and results of ECHT DABEI. Furthermore, we will adapt ECHT DABEI to the needs of families with special needs.

Within the HLCA-Consortium, MEDIA PROTECT is the subproject with the strongest link to intervention and implementation research. The subproject aims at bridging the “Science-to-Practice-Gap”, i.e. in the first funding period it focused on the evaluation of the complex multilevel intervention and in the second funding period on its theoretically sound, high-quality nationwide implementation. In doing so, we make an innovative and substantial contribution to primary prevention and health promotion in childhood.


Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Bitzer
University of Education Freirbug
PD Dr. Thomas Mößle
Police University Baden-Württemberg.
Maya Fuchs
University of Education Freirbug
Anja Stiller
Kriminologisches Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen e.V.
Simone Flaig
University of Education Freirbug
Lea Kuntz
University of Education Freirbug
Prof. Dr. Paula Bleckmann
Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences
Hanna Schwendemann
University of Education Freirbug