Preaching to the young? Digital health offers for children and adolescents.

The general objective of the PrettY project is to contribute to a deeper understanding of concepts of eHealth literacy and to gather evidence on eHealth literacy via a systematic review of the research literature. Of primary interest is the relationship between children’s and adolescents’ eHealth literacy and health inequalities. Additionally, we intend to screen digital health offers for children and adolescents in order to analyse whether the current offers support the development of eHealth literacy in all target groups or whether they extend comprehensive health inequalities. The PrettY project also aims at formulating policy recommendations.
In the PrettY project, content analysis will be used to review the available literature on eHealth literacy with respect to different research questions. Furthermore, we intend to develop a grid with which to screen digital health offers for children and adolescents for the eHealth literacy competencies they need to interpret the offers.
The PrettY project will lead to a deeper understanding of the relationship between eHealth literacy and extensive health inequalities in the younger generations. It will increase knowledge about eHealth literacy on the basis of available literature. Finally, in a systematic review of digital health offers for children and adolescents, it will investigate the competencies necessary to use these offers adequately and in a healthy way. In doing so, the project contributes directly to the overall health education for younger generations and to the identification of severe shortcomings in the digital health offers for different target groups.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bittlingmayer
-subproject leader-
Freiburg University of Education
Inga Dobbratz
Freiburg University of Education