REPORT: Health Promotion Conference in Galway

HLCA members from Bielefeld and Freiburg attended the Health Promotion Conference on Health Literacy

Galway, 18th June 2015

The Health Promotion Conference ‘Health Literacy: Research, Policy and Practice’, hosted by the National University of Ireland, Galway took place on June 18th 2015. Representatives of HLCA were invited to orally present a synopsis and first results of their sub-projects. The team from Bielefeld University was represented by Janine Bröder (TeCoMo), Dirk Bruland (Teacher-MHL) and Orkan Okan (MoMChild) from the Center for Prevention and Intervention (CPI). Inga Kloß and Zeynep Islertas from the HLCA team at Freiburg University of Education (ELMi and PrettY), presented results of an earlier project on “Social Determinants, Life Skills and Health Literacy – Some Surprising Empirical Results of German Students Aged 15+”. The conference has explored the importance of health literacy and how it can be enhanced as a priority area for Health Promotion, including the implementation of health literacy interventions across sectors.

Further information and presentations from speakers and sessions are available online.