Kenneth Yongabi Anchang visiting HLCA-Team at Bielefeld University

Dr. Paulo Pinheiro, Orkan Okan, Dr. Kenneth Yongabi Anchang, Janine Bröder,
On the 09th of December 2016 the HLCA-Team had the pleasure to welcome Kenneth Yogabi Anchang. He is the director of research at the Catholic University of Cameroon in Bamenda with a PhD in public health infectiology and PhD in bio (medical) engineering. He gave a great lecture about health literacy as an indispensable key component of ensuring a healthy condition in individuals and communities, especially in countries with high rates of endemic disease and in settings in which resources are limited. Therefor, he emphasizes a transition from (top-down) health promotion interventions to (community-based) health literacy interventions.
The whole lecture you find here:  Appropriate Health Literacy Interventions to improve Health Outcomes