New Publication: International Handbook of Health Literacy

International Handbook of Health Literacy: Research, Practice and Policy across the Life-Span

This International Handbook of Health Literacy draws on a new perspective in health literacy and should be seen as a spearhead for new thinking that aims to provide an overview of the multifaceted and multidimensional nature of health literacy by adopting a lifespan perspective, while addressing research, practice and policy.

Comprised of 45 chapters and divided into four thematic parts, the breadth and depth of the book’s chapters present cutting-edge research and perspectives in the health literacy field. This book addresses different populations and settings, and it explores a wide range of concepts, methodologies, programmes and interventions to improve health literacy including governmental, community and institutional policies.

The book further aims to share research results, to provide insights into new approaches and theoretical considerations, including drawing theoretical and practical associations between health literacy and disciplines such as education, sociology, health promotion, communication, social epidemiology, public health, healthcare, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. The aim is to promote future research, practice and policy dialogue among academics, health and educational professionals, and policy- and decision-makers from multiple disciplines and sectors regarding challenges and opportunities in the field of health literacy.




“As a field of study and practice we benefit from international thinking about health literacy as a public health priority. This book is a much needed resource for improving health literacy locally, regionally and globally.”

Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, International Health Literacy Association


“Achieving health literacy for all should be a goal for progressive societies everywhere. This book serves as an invaluable resource to clinicians, public health practitioners and policy makers across the globe to help meet that goal.”

Dean Schillinger, University of California San Francisco


“Over the past decades, the evolution of health literacy in the advancement of health and well-being of people globally advances with great promise. This book offers multiple perspectives with providing fundamentals for those in multiple fields with examples with research and practice linking new technologies, communication and public health.”

Scott Ratzan, Harvard Kennedy School