Measurement of Health Literacy Among Adolescents

The project ‘Measurement of Health Literacy Among Adolescents ‘ (MOHLAA) will develop an age-specific validated questionnaire to collect and analyse data about general health literacy of adolescents aged 14 to 17 years. The new MOHLAA survey instrument should be used in research and practice for primary prevention and health promotion. With the MOHLAA instrument it will be possible to study the distribution of health literacy of adolescents in different contexts. The instrument is intended for use as a core module, which can be supplemented in a questionnaire with additional modules on specific health topics.

The research project is divided into three phases in which the instrument is designed and tested: first Phase ‘development’, second phase ‘qualitative pre-test’, and third phase ‘quantitative pretest (standard pretest)’. Depending on the methodological questions cognitive testing, focus groups, and standardized surveys will be used.

As part of the ‘Health Literacy in Childhood and Adolescence Consortium’ the MOHLAA project contributes to obtaining a deeper understanding of the conditions of development of health literacy in adolescence and in a life cycle perspective.

Olga Domanska
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Robert Koch Institute Berlin
Christiane Firnges
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Robert Koch Institute Berlin
Susanne Jordan
-subproject leader-
Robert Koch Institute Berlin
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Christian Gojdka
Daniel Männlein, Magdalena Tanzer